The NC Literacy Association is a professional association that provides North Carolina’s non-profit literacy organizations with professional development, networking, and statewide advocacy. NCLA does not directly serve students, but our member organizations do! NCLA is operated through the efforts of a volunteer Board of Directors.

Our mission is to initiate, support and develop technical assistance and advocacy for community-based literacy

  • Every North Carolinian should possess the knowledge and skills necessary to compete successfully in a global economy.
  • Community-based programs provide the flexibility and confidentiality needed to meet their clients’ goals.
  • Adults who improve their basic educational skills improve their employment status, parenting abilities, and their self-confidence.
  • According to the National Institute of Literacy, the more education a parent has, the higher a child’s reading proficiency becomes.

Earl Mills is a former student of The Craven Literacy Council, a NC Literacy Association member organization.

All North Carolina counties have adults who are unable to locate two pieces of information in an article, calculate the total cost of purchase from an order from, or understand health-related instructions.

1.1 million North Carolinians do not have a high school diploma. 30 million individuals within the U.S. score at the lowest level of literacy according to the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy.

NCLA provides opportunities for networking, training, and professional support for community-based literacy programs serving adults who want to improve their basic life schools or learn English as a Second Language.


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